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To attain its leadership ambition, Aknan Global has built its strategy around a business model and a set of clearly defined operational priorities.

The Aknan Global business model entails fortifying, consolidating, and developing organic growth-retaining existing clients and acquiring new ones to ensure that the group is able to seize genuine opportunities for external growth. Aknan Global's efforts are focused on the most profitable segments, and the group seeks to enhance its positioning in developed or high-growth markets.

We have set five operational priorities or catalysts for change, which together are known as the five cylinders of its growth:
  • Product Innovation: A source of differentiation that reflects our desire in offering added value every time it introduces a new product in one of its markets.
  • Core Business Expertise: Our goal is to offer the best service at the best price.
  • Real Estate: Our aspiration of enhancing our existing network of prime locations by reducing the risk and increasing return on investment.
  • Quality of Service.
  • Investment: Seeking strong growth in emerging markets through investment in small to medium size businesses and equity partnerships.

Our global strategy is leveraged by the size and reach of the group, which encourages local operating units to develop and exploit synergies.